What Size of Postcards Should I Use and Distribute?

Published: 17th February 2011
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Are you looking for information about the right size of postcards that you can use in your direct mail marketing campaign? If you are, then look no further. In the succeeding paragraphs of this short article, we have tackled some important regulations imposed by the US Postal Service regarding the minimum and maximum size requirements of marketing paraphernalia that you can use in your postcard marketing initiative.

Some Reminders on Choosing Postcard Sizes

Based on the standards and policies set by the United States Postal Service agency, business owners and entrepreneurs are expected to comply with the size requirements for postcard marketing paraphernalia for them to qualify for low postage rates. These requirements include the following:

- Minimum Postcard Size: Advertising or marketing tools which will be used in direct mail marketing strategies must at least be 5 inches long and 3 inches high. In the metric system, the dimensions of postcards should be 12.7 centimeters by 8.9 centimeters.

- Maximum Postcard Size: Based on the standards set by the US Postal Service, direct mail marketing tools must not exceed a length of 6 inches and a width of 4 inches. This maximum size requirement can be equated to 15.2 centimeters by 10.8 centimeters in the metric system.

- Postcard Thickness: The United States Postal Service agency typically use mail sorting machines to speed up the processing and distribution of mails. Such machines can only handle postcards that have the minimum thickness of 0.007 inch and a maximum thickness of 0.016 inch. In the metric system, postcards should have the maximum thickness of 0.01778 centimeters.

Business owners and entrepreneurs who are planning to employ postcard marketing techniques should see to it that their marketing paraphernalia meet the size requirements set by the US Postal Service. Or else, there will be a huge possibility that their postcards will get damaged by the sorting machines employed by the postal service provider, making them unfit for delivery.

Other Postcard Reminders

Aside from the size requirements discussed above, businessmen and women should also consider the following pointers to ensure that their strategies for postcard marketing will surely work to their advantage:

- Choose only rectangular postcards. Business owners should remember that square, round, elliptical and other irregularly-shaped mails do not qualify for low postage rates. But, if they have ample funds, they can distribute postcards with unique shapes and sizes so long as they pay the US Postal Service higher postage fees.

- Remember that each country has its own postal regulations. Entrepreneurs should also remind themselves that each country has its own postal standards and regulations. Thus, before they send postcards and other marketing paraphernalia to other countries, they need to check first the postal guidelines and policies employed in different nations or territories. This way, they can avoid incurring huge fees as well as problems with customs officers.

Also, if they are planning to distribute postcards to another country, they need to make sure that they consult a trained US Postal Service employee or a mail-piece design analyst. After all, these professionals can help them develop postcards with the right dimension, which will in turn enable them to enjoy cheaper postage rates.

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